About the Book Geeks

The name of the site should sum it up pretty well but…well…we are BOOK GEEKS!



Office worker/mom/wife by day, bookworm and TV addict by night with the occasional foray into the digital worlds of Nintendo 3DS! I started my career in fantasy/sci fi fanaticism at 10 years old when I read Harry Potter for the first time. I know, a totally a cliche introduction into fantasy, but that’s okay by me! I do venture out to other genres when I find a book that looks interesting, but fantasy has always been my favorite of stories.

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Likes long walks on the beach, champagne at sunset, and talking all night.

Annoying brother to fellow Book Geek Dani, Greg is a normal man who loves everything that involves anything awesome. Like TV shows, movies, and occasionally every book that Brandon Sanderson writes. I blame my love of Fantasy books on Dani, because she handed those Harry Potter books to me when she was finished (or I took them, not sure as it was a long time ago). On a more serious note, I love exploring new worlds, new magic, and amazing stories that fantasy and sci-fi usually dive into. I’m excited that I now get to fanboy over books with all of you!

I can be followed at Goodreads and Twitter @StoryGamer92.

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